Your experience starts as soon as you book
a "pop star" party with us!

We'll ask you to select up to 3 songs that you'd like to record, from a choice of over 70,000!

We'll arrange for a backing track of your song to be prepared, together with lyrics for each of your guests. Your practice CD is also your invitation!

Practice, practice, practice…..

On the day, take a walk down our red carpet and prepare to be a "pop star" for the day!

You'll spend time in our practice room with our experienced vocal coach, who will give you guidance on singing techniques and help you prepare the songs you've chosen!

We'll then take you to our professional recording studio, where you'll record your vocals and our engineer will produce your CD.

While your CD is being mixed, we'll sing "Happy Birthday" present you with your cakes
and goodie bags!

Our main parties are catered for children from 7 onwards but to date we have had parties for children as old as 14.
click on the 'Popstar Juniors' tab above for more info about our parties package for 4-6 year olds.
What Happens on the day?

Invitations - Practice CD

Music and Lyrics

Vocal Tuition - Recording Session

CD for everyone

Refreshments - Birthday Cake - Goodie Bags

Disco Lights - Bubble Machine

Personalised Balloon

Red Carpet

Happymeals or Dominos Pizza
What's Included in the Price?